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Why Google's New Brand Logo Had To Happen

09/13/2015, 08:45PM
From Primedia International

This month Google, now a part of new holding company Alphabet, launched its updated logo design. The old logo design, created in 1999, was a serif typeface. The new logo is a colorful sans serif typeface that goes by the name Product Sans.

The other change, as you have probably already noticed, is that the new logo has been accessorized with animated red, orange, blue and green dots. The dots undulate like water, mimic sound equalizer wave forms, and will undoubtedly react in all sorts of ways over time, as new applications for mobile and other devices yet to appear arise.


The biggest announcement from Google is change.

Much has happened since the search engine appeared sixteen years ago. Since then, they have found themselves immersed in car design, eyewear devices, global mapping, net neutrality, advertising sales, and the owners of broadband companies like YouTube.

Corporate sprawl makes people (and investors) nervous. The new Alphabet will narrow Google’s scope to GoogleNest Labs, and Calico, as well as other businesses including Google XGoogle Capital, and Google Ventures.

And this is why Google needed a new Brand logo.

Not because people were tired of the old one. But because logos are icons–and icons signal who we are as a brand community. Our receptors instantly process who the “Brand” is, what it means and whether we should approach or avoid: imagine other icons like the McDonald’s golden arches, the Nike swoosh, or the ISIS black flag and you understand the instantaneous impact these imprints have on our understanding and imagination.

When the brand community changes, even during internal reorgs like Google’s, it is necessary and good for Brand leadership to signal that change. The change demanded that Google make a deliberate outward-facing change.

For many people, changing the logo, website and stationery is the beginning and end of what “Branding” is all about: Job done.

Not so fast.

Google is aware more than anyone that true “Branding” is about creating community—the cult of meaning that becomes culture inside and outside your organization. Brand is not only how you look, but also how you act.

Writer & Source: Patrick Hanlon,