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Why Google's New Brand Logo Had To Happen

09/13/2015, 08:45PM From Primedia International

This month Google, now a part of new holding company Alphabet, launched its updated logo design. The old logo design, created in 1999, was a serif typeface. The new logo is a colorful sans serif typeface that goes by the name Product Sans. The other change, as you have probably already noticed, is that the new logo has been accessorized with animated red, orange, blue and green dots. The dots undulate like water, mimic sound equalizer wave forms, and will undoubtedly react in all sorts of ways over time, as new applications for mobile and other devices yet to appear arise....

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Bahrain beats UAE to be named top MidEast expat destination

08/30/2015, 07:30PM From Primedia International

Bahrain has been named the top expat destination in the Middle East, according to the InterNations Expat Insider 2015 survey. Bahrain was ranked the 17th most popular destination for expats in the world, ahead of the UAE in 19th and Oman in 24th out of a total of 64 countries analysed. Other Gulf countries did not fare so well with Kuwait ranked bottom of the global list with Qatar placed 54th and Saudi Arabia 61st....

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OUT NOW! The Arab Banking & Finance Directory's 31st Edition

08/24/2015, 02:45PM From Primedia International

International media company, Primedia International is delighted to publish the 31st edition of the ‘Arab Banking and Finance’, the most trusted source of information for the region’s banking and financial industry....

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How to Properly Use Hashtags on Social Media

08/20/2015, 08:30PM From Primedia International

Social media hashtags used to be a form of categorizing or adding narrative to posts and updates. These days, there are innovative methods in using hashtags to drive engagement and attention to your business....

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How to Manage Your Business Reputation Online

08/17/2015, 07:15PM From Primedia International

What is Reputation Management? With the rapid expansion of Internet marketing over the past ten years, reputation management has transformed from a public relations term to a marketing strategy centered on online media. For a business, online reputation management means understanding and influencing the perception of the business in digital channels such as search engines and social media....

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Craft a Great Email Sales Pitch by Following This 5-Step Process

08/6/2015, 07:15PM From Primedia International

In a world where technology becomes faster every day and people, teams and companies grow more geographically dispersed, trying to nail down somebody in person to throw a sales pitch almost seems impossible. Fortunately, 91 percent of working professionals check their email daily, according to data by Hubspot. What this means is, if you’re a numbers guy or girl and you believe in the power of odds (after all, 91 percent is pretty hard to argue with), email is the best way to build a network of prospects....

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5 Ways to Generate Business Through LinkedIn

08/4/2015, 11:00PM From Primedia International

Let’s start with the data: More than half of marketers surveyed say Facebook is the most important social network they use, according to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by San Diego-based Social Media Examiner. LinkedIn came in second: 71 percent of marketers use it, but only 21 percent cite it as the most important social network. (Twitter ranked a distant third, at 12 percent.) But here’s another interesting and perhaps more telling stat from the same report: While 66 percent of respondents want to improve their knowledge of how to use Facebook, a disproportionate 62 percent want to learn more about LinkedIn. And 66 percent of marketers plan on increasing their LinkedIn activities in the next 12 months....

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Retailers stick with standard methods when spending online marketing dollars

08/4/2015, 10:15PM From Primedia International

The State of Retailing Online 2015 report finds search and email leading the pack with e-retailers. Search and email marketing continue to dominate marketing budgets for online retailers, making up almost half of the spending, the latest State of Retailing Online report finds. Why? Because they’re effective and cost-efficient. Search engine marketing accounts for 33% of digital marketing budgets among retailers surveyed for the report, released in July. Search engine optimization receives 16% of the average and email gets 14% of the marketing dollars, the report finds. Merchants report the average cost per order is $6 and $15 for email and search, respectively. Surveyed retailers, on average, dedicate approximately 6% of their online revenue to web marketing, with the median marketing spend at $950,000, the report states....

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Facebook ready to test Internet-beaming drones

08/3/2015, 08:30PM From Primedia International

Facebook on Thursday said it is ready to begin test flights of a high-altitude drone designed to provide Internet access to remote locations of the world. The Aquila drone has a wingspan on par with that of a Boeing 737 jet; weighs less than a small car; can remain aloft for three months or so, and will beam Internet service to the ground from altitudes ranging from 60,000 to 90,000 feet (18,000 to 27,000 meters)....

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Google adds 20 languages to instant translation app

07/30/2015, 06:30PM From Primedia International

Google announced Wednesday it was adding 20 new languages for its mobile translation application that reads text and instantly converts to another tongue. The smartphone app now can read 27 languages and instantly convert the text without an Internet connection, the tech giant said. Google also said it was making voice translation "faster and smoother" in the Translate app, which can interpret street signs, ingredient lists, instruction manuals and other texts....

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